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Agricultural markets utilize AMI products in a variety of applications ranging from kaolin carriers/supports for herbicide and insecticide technical s (such as Sevin) to gel quality attapulgite slurries used for suspending edible fats in cattle feeding lick tanks; and for binding fertilizer with attapulgite as well as for suspending fertilizer with attapulgite.


Suspension Fertilizer and Foliar Fertilizer

The ability to suspend insoluble plant nutrients combines the advantage of higher analysis found in bulk blend fertilizers with ease and uniformity of application found in liquid fertilizers suspensions and foliar applications.

The unique properties of our attapulgite mineral are of particular value to suspension and foliar fertilizer users because little viscosity results when the suspension is under shear, allowing the mix to pass through application spray nozzles easily and uniformly.

When shear is stopped during transport or storage a thick gel forms suspending insolubles and stabilizing the mix.

Suspensions produced with these minerals are unaffected by salts which are present in most fertilizer formulations. Coarser and finer attapulgite products are offered and provide different advantages depending on the type of mixing systems and equipment being used. Foliar applications typically require finer grades of attapulgite.


Liquid Animal Feeds

Vitamins, trace minerals and other nutrients are provided to livestock as liquid feed supplements in silage troughs, lick tanks and range blocks. AMI’s gel quality attapulgite gelling clay is used as a thickening and suspending agent to keep undissolved nutrients in suspension, providing a uniform mix that adheres to the wheel passing through the lick tank and is palatable to the animals.