Calcined Kaolin


Calcined kaolin is used in certain applications such as rubber & plastic manufacturing as it provides good reinforcement, tensile strength, stiffness, and good abrasion resistance. Application : refractory, plastic, Rubber, fertilizer
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Opacifying Filler for partial replacement of Titanium dioxide in Low PVC High sheen water base paints and Solvent base glossy enamel paint and coatings.
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Premium calcined clay extender in water-based high gloss paints, improves optical properties, anti-settling properties, and effectively replaces Titanium Dioxide. Applications: paint and paper
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Meta Kaolin clay calcined under defined temperature to form its reactivity for cement & White Putty to Provide high compressive strengths and Reduce permeability; Metakaolin is also applicable in insulating compounds to attain Volume resistivity for wires & cables. Applications: Putty, cement, wires & cables, rubber, ultramarine blue
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Calcined Kaolin Clay as opacifying extender/filler for partial substitute (10-20%) of Titanium Dioxide in waterborne paint. paint and coatings.
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Special calcined clay with good brightness and improved particle size for semi-gloss paints; coating clay for thermal paper manufacturing. Applications: cosmetics, wire&cables, paper, paint
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