Cement and Putty

Kaolin for cement and putty is super pozzolanic material contains highly reactive Siliceous and Aluminous compound produced by using multi-level refining and thermal treatment process of the specially selected kaolin. This super kaolin material is reacting with calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperature to form compounds use for cement and putty manufacturing. When metakaolin blend with Portland cement, it offers resistance to sulphate attack, Decreased permeability, Resistance to corrosion & reinforcement, Increased strengths which Produces a light-coloured cement and putty.

SRM Meta-P & SRM Meta-W

High Reactivate Metal and Meta-W are now established as value-added Concrete Ad-mixture. This properties of Metakaolin is a highly reactive product that exhibits pozzolanic properties, which leads to increased strength in concrete and cement-based products.
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