Kaolin Clay for Paint and Coating

Shree Ram Minerals manufacture a wide of Calcined Kaolin and Hydrous Kaolin grades. That offers kaolin with increased opacity tint strength and pigment suspension for paint and coating industries. Kaolin of shree ram minerals offers an absolute replacement for titanium dioxide with excellent and economical extender which help keeping manufacturing costs down in a number of water base, solvent base paint and coating.


Hydrous Kaolin

Hydrous kaolin offers good suspension properties, improves rheology, and enhances opacity and whiteness in coatings. Ultrafine hydrous kaolin grade offers extensive replacement of TiO2 with better gloss and sheen in high pac water based paints.

Calcined kaolin

Calcined kaolin is preferred in paints and coatings due to its excellent reinforcing properties, high coverage, and ability to improve the overall durability and scrub resistance of the coating. It also contributes to the reduction TiO2 consuption, which can be desirable in certain formulations.