Silica Sand for Ceramics

In ceramic applications, different types of kaolin are used depending on the specific requirements of the ceramic product. Shree ram minerals kaolin grades are used in ceramic applications depend on factors such as the desired properties of the ceramic product, firing temperature, clay body composition, and aesthetic requirements.


Crude China clay

China clay is a secondary clay that contains a high amount of kaolinite along with other clay minerals. It imparts plasticity, workability, and improved strength to ceramic bodies, which is commonly used in the production of ceramics such as porcelain, sanitaryware, and stoneware.

Levigated Kaolin

Levigated kaolin refers to the naturally processed form of kaolin clay of shree ram minerals, which is used in ceramics application and it contributes to the formation of ceramic materials like GVT tiles, porcelain, sanitary ware, and stoneware with good strength and thermal stability

Calcined Kaolin

Calcined kaolin is used in ceramics to enhance properties such as whiteness, thermal stability, and mechanical strength. It can also act as a flux, reducing the firing temperature required for ceramic production.