Kaolin Clay for Rubber Industry

Hydrous Kaolin

It is commonly used in rubber applications as a reinforcing agent to improve the mechanical properties of rubber products. Hydrous kaolin can enhance tensile strength, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance in rubber compounds. Ultra fine Hydrous kaolin can provide improved reinforcement, increased surface smoothness, and enhanced barrier properties in rubber compounds. It is often used in high-performance rubber applications, such as automotive tires and specialty rubber products


Calcined kaolin

Calcined kaolin can be used as a reinforcing filler in rubber compounds to enhance strength and stiffness. It can also improve dimensional stability and reduce shrinkage during rubber processing

Surface Modified Kaolin

Surface Modified Kaolin of shree ram minerals can enhance the dispersion of kaolin in rubber compounds and promote better interaction between the kaolin particles and the rubber polymer, leading to improved reinforcement and mechanical properties.