Kaolin Clay for Paper Industry

Shree Ram Minerals group is leading manufacturer of Hydrous kaolin andCalcined kaolin invoative products for papers and Duplex paper industries. These industries uses Hydrous Kaolin and Calcine Kaolin as filler for coating application. We offers variuos grades of kaolin suitable for smoth and fine coating. For the various markets of newsprint to specialty papers and coated & uncoated papers, a newer developed finest kaolin which best printability and smooth surface.


Hydrous Kaolin

Hydrous kaolin is typically used as a coating pigment or filler in paper production. It improves various properties of paper, such as brightness, opacity, smoothness, and printability. Hydrous kaolin of shree ram minerals having particles with platy structure and provide excellent coverage, which helps to enhance the paper's whiteness and opacity. It also contributes to the formation of a smooth surface, reducing the penetration of ink and improving the print quality.

Calcined kaolin

Calcined kaolin is primarily used as a functional extender in paper production. It is added to the paper furnish to improve properties such as opacity, brightness, print gloss, and ink receptivity. Calcined kaolin is often used in coating formulations for coated papers, thermal papers, and specialty papers.s.